I'm a fiber artist, mainly interested in wet felting.  wet felting involves using natural fibers, wool, alpaca, plant, and silk. 

Wet felting is a very old traditional way to make textile. Taking natural fibers adding water and soap then applying agitation by rubbing, rolling, and shaping.

I love the complete process from shearing the animals to washing the fleece, blending the roving, felting and shaping. Every project can be a new adventure.

Sharing by teaching is my small way of helping to ensure this great art does not disappear. I teach at several fiber festivals in Indiana and some of surrounding states. I can also host small groups at my home. Classes such as, Bags/purse, Nuno Scarves, Booties, Hats, fingerless gloves, and botanical dyeing .

I will be posting the festivals I will be attending in 2019.